Why hygiene?

Hygiene-related problems and challenges are a daily task in almost all sectors and industries in Denmark Reports and studies show, unfortunately, that we do not use all the knowledge we have, why poor hygiene is estimated lead to more than 3,000 Danes losing their lives each year, causing well over one million sick days and an overall cost to society of billions.

We want to change this - so we can improve health and quality of life through prevention and good hygienic practice.*)


BagBath - for sensitive skin

Since 1996 our "BagBath" bed bath has been the most used system in hospitals for washing and grooming of immobile patients or patients with special needs.

BagBath cleans, restores and protects even the most delicate skin and with its mild and unique ingredients is a perfect, gentle product for sensitive skin.

BagBath contain vitamin E and vitamin B5 which acts as an softener and humectant, which keeps moisture in the skin, which in turn eliminates the need for extra lotion.



BodyWash is also used for personal care and is designed for the healthcare sector for an effective but gentle cleansing of the face and body.

BagBath and BodyWash are used when regular daily grooming or washing is not feasible because of immobility or other reasons that mean the patient cannot leave the bed.


*) Council for Better Hygiene