BagBath® is the professional product for your personal care that has been developed for an effective but gentle cleansing and care of the face and body. BagBath® contains no soap, alcohol, perfume or parabens.

BagBath® makes it possible to wash the body without using water, soap, washcloths and towels. With BagBath® combines it all in one cloth and using just one packet a bed bath can be given.

It is a good tool in situations where there is either no bath available or it is not possible to get to the bath.

Why use BagBath®

The BagBath® system consists of a resealable bag with 8 thick quality wipes containing skin-friendly cleansers.

The 8 wipes are adapted to the 8 body parts - one cloth for each body part. The bag is heated in a microwave oven, after which it is ready for use. The time is depending on the Wattage of the oven (do not overheat). If the patient is not immediately ready for a bed bath, it can be kept warm under the pillow, quilt or in a cloth. A heated BagBath® gives the patient the sensation of a warm bath.

The patient is washed according to directions on the bag - as shown below.

After use, each wipe is thrown away and a bed bath with BagBath® is thus both hygienic and easy to perform.

BagBath® helps to save both time and money - without compromising on quality. To avoid cross-contamination each bag is restricted to one patient / user.



1. Face, head and neck
2. Right arm and armpit
3. Left arm and armpit
4. Lower front
5. Right leg
6. Left leg
7. Back
8. Lower rear side


Why use BagBath®

BagBath® is used today in hospitals as an alternative to the standard bed bath for immobile patients. BagBath will also be used by home carers, nursing homes and private homes.

• At hospitals BagBath® is used at intensive care departments, on very sick and/or immobile patients or those requiring extra caution with drains and tubes.

• Used in patients with obstructive lung disease who who are unable to perform physical activities.

• Used for cleaning the skin up to the wound edge around the stoma or particularly sensitive and delicate skin.


BagBath® Ingredients

Clean non-ionic water - Mild and clean
Surfactant (F68 - FDA approved skin and wound cleanser
Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) - Moisturiser, skin-restoring
Vitamin E (Tocopherol) - Antioxidant
Sodium Benzoate - Preservative
Potassium Sorbate - Preservative 

BagBath® is one of the few clean room-produced products. It is produced according to cGMP guidelines to ensure that the product is clean and free of bacterial contamination. BagBath® contains only one preservative while many other beds bath wipes contain a large number.


BagBath® - not just a bed bath…




Safety Data Sheet

BagBath Presentation


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