TravelJohn disposable urinals are convenient, unisex, sanitary personal urinals containing the company's patented Liqsorb material, a combination of a biodegradable pouch filled with a unique polymer substance.
This material quickly absorbs liquid waste and turns it into an odorless, spill-proof gel bag that is nontoxic and waste disposal safe.

A unisex adapter makes it easy for anyone to use, while a spill guard keeps things neat and tidy.

• Convenient, unisex, sanitary personal urinals containing patented Liqsorb material

• Ideal for, car travel, outdoor activities, motion sickness and bathroom emergencies of all types

• Small and light weight

• Non-toxic,odorless,spill proof gel. It instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus making it leak-proof

• Reusable untill it is full


ApodanNordic is selling TravelJohn in Denmark.

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See Prince Harry endorse TravelJohn: VIDEO