ApoCure is a hydrogel wound dressing indicated for treating low to moderately exuding wounds.

Apocure Hydrogel wound dressing contains approximately 30% water, while the remaining 70% is composed of an absorbent polymer. The top surface is a waterproof polyurethane film, which makes it water and bacteria-proof.
Contains no preservatives or cellulose - only highly absorbent polymers.


Offering all the modern wound healing principles including

An occlusive moist wound environment - the dressing will not be stuck to the underlying tissue on removal.

Encloses exudate - minimises risk of maceration.

Few dressing changes - gives the wound rest and time to heal.


Advantages of ApoCure Hydrogel

• Suitable for all types of wounds
• Adds moisture to the wound
• Dissolves necrosis and fibrin coatings
• Soft and flexible
• Contains no preservatives
• Permeable to water vapour
• Minimises trauma and pain during dressing changes
• Rehydrates the wound
• Water and bacteria-proof
• Transparent - wound and surrounding skin can be observed in the course of treatment.


Light to moderately exuding wounds such as dry wounds, necrotic and fibrin-coated ulcers, pressure ulcers (stage I-II), leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, minor burns, scraping sores and chafing.

Frequency of changing
ApoCure Hydrogel can remain on the treated area for up to 7 days, depending on the condition of the wound and amount of exudate.

Store at room temperature.

Sterilisation method
Gamma sterilised.

CE marked.

Shelf life
3 years.


ApoCure Hydrogel is available with border in the following sizes

Item no. Name Border  Sizes
021525 ApoCure Hydrogel Oval With border 4.5x7.5cm
021610 ApoCure Hydrogel Border 10x10 With border 10x10cm








ApoCure Hydrogel Oval is used for minor wounds with minimal to moderate secretion.
Can be used for blisters on the feet and hands, bandage for injection sites, for example after endoscopic examinations and and treatment of minor burns.